Deze fanfic is geschreven door Charlotte voor jullie genot.

“I think we have enough pumpkins now, Will,” Gilan said to his younger brother. He placed the last of the fruit in the trunk and walked to the front of the car.

The brothers had been pumpkin picking, like they did every year, to carve them for Halloween. It had been a tradition in their family since the boys were very little and even though they were almost adults now, they still went to the pumpkin farm every year.

Gilan got in the car and started it. Will slid in the seat next to him and pulled up a playlist. It was made specifically for when the two were in the car together. It was filled with songs they both loved and they sang along with them loudly. This was not something they did when their dad, Halt, was with them, but since he was not here, they could sing as loud as they wanted.

Both were not bad singers, but part of the fun was singing badly and laughing at each other’s voices.

This year was different from other years, because their dad wasn’t here. He was called away on a business trip for work and no matter how hard he tried; he couldn’t cancel it. Halt didn’t want his sons to miss out on the fun they always had, so he made them promise to carry on as always.

Before long, they arrived in their hometown and only a few minutes later Gilan parked the car in front of their house. They made quick work of carrying the pumpkins from the trunk to the dining table. While Gilan cleaned the car, Will made them a well-deserved cup of coffee with honey and the boys savoured the warm drink.

Grabbing a knife, Gilan signalled to his brother that it was time to start carving. “It still feels weird doing this without dad,” Will said. Gilan didn’t answer him, but nodded instead. He was also feeling a weird feeling in his gut carrying out this tradition without Halt, but he promised his father they would do it.

After working quietly for some time, it was Will who broke the silence. “They’re not really scary, though. I really wanted them to be scary.”

Gilan winked at his little brother and grabbed his knife and a pumpkin. “I know something that will make them really scary.”

 The only sound you could hear was Gilan pulling his knife in and out of the orange fruit. A few minutes later he looked up with a big smile on his face and he revealed to his brother what he had been working on.

The pumpkin read “Halt”. “Isn’t it genius? Halt is the scariest thing I can think of.” Gilan started laughing but stopped when he noticed his brother wasn’t joining him. He sighed and without turning around he said: “Dad’s standing behind me, isn’t he?”

“What amazing deduction skills you have, Gilan,” he heard a familiar voice say.
“Dad, hi! I didn’t know you were coming home today.”
Halt just looked at his son for a moment. “I cut my trip short so I could be with you, but I can see that you had no problem entertaining yourself.” With those words, Halt turned around and left the room, to make sure neither of his sons would see the smile that played around his lips. He had really missed them and he was glad to be home. Even if it meant looking at a pumpkin with his name on it.

Halloween Fanfic – Halt the Pumpkin AU (Engels)